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About Shreeji Chemical Industries

We would like to Introduce to ouerselves as the manufacture of quality product. We produce Polymer molecule. It is use for permanent binding.

Yes , for permanent binding ,our material should be qualitative. We are manufacturer of water based polymer and now we just start to produce superplastisizers.

Superplasticizer is used for to improve workability of concrete mixtures. It is chemical admixtures that can be added to concrete to improve workability & fluidity of the concrete .

Superplasticizers are responsible for neutralizing the surface charges on the cement particles and causing dispersion,thus releasing the water tied up in the cement particle agglomerations and thereafter reducing the viscosity of paste and concrete.

The capability of superplasticizer to reduce water requirement 12-25 % without affecting the workability leads to production of high-strength concreate and lower permeability.

Our water based polymer is used As a coating of fluorescent pigment by hydro based technology in lighting industries.

Our customer for water based polymer : philips india ltd, Anchor electrical ltd, Crompto greaves ltd, Wipro ltd ,Vivid India ,Hind lamp ltd, Cema electrical & lighting ltd , Myna electronic ltd.